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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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The room was brighter than usual. There was a different chill to it too. It was quite welcoming in a way that I wanted to curl up into a ball and never leave. Then this rare thought surprised me. Why did I feel comfortable in Alexandra's chamber? I should be anxious or even scared.

Instead, all I harbored in my heart was this cozy calmness.

Alex had sent for me again this evening. Of course, I couldn't refuse her order.

Most of the curtains were now opened. I noticed the uplifting change after I walked into her room. I wandered further and found Alex sitting on the bench of her black piano. She looked like she was in some deep thoughts. When she heard me coming, Alex turned around and gave me a whole-hearted smile. That smile made my breath hitch in awe. Alex was so dazzling when she smiled.

"Come and sit here with me, my rose princess, " she said, holding her hand out.

I walked up to her. I was about to sit down when Alex pulled me onto her lap instead. She wrapped her arms around my waist and stared up into my wide eyes. I couldn't help blushing away.

"You look so lovely when you blush, " she said.

I turned my face to her again. At the same time, Alex leaned forward and stole a kiss on my lips. My cheeks reddened even more. She giggled melodiously at my reaction. I tried to bite my lips from smiling, but it felt so nice to hear her laugh.

"You want to listen to some music?" She asked to my surprise. And when I kept staring at her mutely, Alex released me from her hold again. I sat back down on the bench next to her as she opened the glossy piano lid. She placed her hands gently and gracefully on the keys. I had never noticed how long and beautiful her fingers were until then. I swear they sort of took my breath way.

Alex traced the tips of her slender fingers over the piano. I was still admiring how strikingly delicate

I hated that, but I couldn't help twisting in laughter and half-heartedly yelled, "No!" and "Stop!", yet I wasn't even convincing to myself.

She finally stopped and then held me still.

"Just a little, please?" Alex whispered in my ear and nuzzled my neck earnestly. She traced her tongue over my goose-bumped skin. Her hands slithered inside my shirt from behind. They kept feeling every inch of my body. There was this lustful part of me that anticipated the things we had done— things that we shouldn't have done but would still do. I had tried to draw the line between submission and protest, but the line had been long gone, crossed and erased to nothingness. There was no way I could restrain myself from falling hard under the spell of Alexandra Romanov.

When the mood and the urge struck, I found myself surrendered completely to her. I had become a mindless prey at last— the kind of prey that I didn't realize I longed to be.

One of Alex's hands slid down between my parted thighs. Her long delicate fingers gave me a gentle, playful fondle over my already wetted part. My heart pounded. My adrenaline raced.

"Let's go to bed, shall we?" Alex whispered into my ear. I could barely nod, but deep down I knew what my answer would be.

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