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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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We walked through the archway together. I kept glancing around the area. At the other side, I found the most beautiful garden anyone could ever imagine. Every corner of the earth was carpeted with green grass and clusters of white rose bushes. My nose constantly caught the fulfilling smell of sweet fragrance. Magnolias and forsythias bloomed like a sunny harbinger of spring. There were pink and purples flowers hanging from the tree branches. In this strange new world, everything looked freshly alien and beautiful.

"This place is a delight, " I sighed in happiness.

"I know, " Alex said. "I built it."

"You did?"

She just smiled.

Everything seemed alive in this place. Dry twigs cracked beneath our feet. There was a big pond not far away. The water was so clear, it mirrored the cloudless sky. I could see animals scuttling in search of food, some twittering, and some hiding. This was a living wood.

Alex walked me towards a big willow tree and started spreading the picnic mat on the grass. I watched her work, and it was sort of amusing because she looked like she had never done a thing in her life. I didn't know someone so graceful could be so awkward doing such mundane things.

I decided to help her. After we were done, we sat down together. She started preparing plates of cakes and cookies over the mat. I tried to focus my mind on other things while she prepared our tea. But my attention was soon drawn to the beautiful gourmet dessert she'd brought.

They were delicate and frosty and sweetly delicious.

Alex held a piece of strawberry mousse cake to me. I was hesitant but she insisted. She put it in my mouth, and I had never tasted anything like this for a very long time.

"Oh gosh, the cakes are so good. I think I'm going to have diabetes after this, " I blurted before I could stop my human silliness. Alex laughed again.

She seemed really charming when she was like that. Was this a vampire lure they always talked about?

"Alex, " I said while she was nibbling on some raspberry, "How did you become what you are now? How did you turn into a vampire?"

She looked at me. Then she took a sip of her tea and put the cup down and sighed.

"Alright, I'll tell y

w could it be possible?"

"It's not easy as you think. There are many theories about us being vampires. You can look in the Bible the stuff about improper burial? Or you can find it in biology books about mutated genetics?"

"Oh, I see, " I said. "It could be your genes. You're a royal. Your bloodline was so close to the higher power and all that, and those who died a violent death—"

"Enough of that, you're spoiling my picnic." Alex waved her hand off. I took it as a cue to stop talking. We continued having our tea in silence, but I still kept thinking about what she had just told me.

"So you both are the Last Grand Duchesses of Russia?" I couldn't help asking again.

"Aw, someone knows the history, " Alex said. "Yes, we are."

"But I had seen the pictures of the four duchesses in the art gallery before, " I said. "They looked different, not like you or Anastasia now. And I remember there wasn't anyone named Alexandra among them."

"You are quite observant." Alex said. "Well, humans grow old and die, but vampires are different. They can't age or die, so they keep changing and evolving. The older we get, the better we look—and stronger, too. Now, you can say, I'm a very hot and sexy a-hundred-and-thirteen-year-old woman. Aren't you jealous?"

"Very, " I said and rolled my eyes at her. "But how about the name?"

"After I was reborn, the priest named me after my mother, " Alex said casually. "My former name is Marie Nikolevna Romanova."

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