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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Dinner in a house full of royal vampires was no different than any normal family's dinner, except the food consisted of red juicy meat and blood. The feast itself was enough to feed an entire village. I had never seen so much food like this ever since the war ended.

My seat was next to Alex's. She was sipping her red wine at the head of the table.

At last, Anastasia came down and took a seat opposite me. I was relieved that a whole roasted pig with an apple stuck in its mouth provided me enough coverage. I didn't want to face her.

We heard the sound of high-heels echoed sharply from the hall. Nikol floated into view, but I kept my eyes glued to my plate as she walked to us. Nikol was wearing a long flowing white dress with a neck so low, she reminded me of a character from the Greek mythology.

"Oh, what a nice banquet, Alex, " she said merrily. Before Nikol took a seat, she turned to cup Anastasia's chin in her hand and turned her face to hers before kissing her in front of me. A piece of sesame bread suddenly turned to ash in my mouth.

"Get a room, " Alex said as she put her wine glass down on the table.

Ana looked a bit startled, but she didn't say anything.

"We already did." Nikol flashed a perfect smile back and sat down beside Ana.

"So, " Alex exhaled and rested her elbows on the table and laced her f

al amount of force. Nikol shot a sharp look at me as if I was the cause of it all. And I kind of was, considering the fact that they were talking about me.

"I will not let you do that, " Anastasia growled.

"It's none of your business, " Alex said. "You better take care of your personal matter now, little sister."

Anastasia gritted her teeth, but she still couldn't overwhelm Alex. Then with an angry hiss, she stormed out of the dining hall. Nikol threw her napkin on the table with a bored face and stood up.

"Well, thanks a lot for the dinner, Alex, " she said.

"You're welcome."

And then she too was out of there. I turned to Alexandra, who simply continued eating like nothing happened. I knew better than to say anything at that moment. I wasn't stupid. The whole conversation was about me and my future doom. And I got a feeling that it was something I had no control of.

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