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   Chapter 10 No.10

Project Looking Glass By Mark Anthony Tierno Characters: 5132

Updated: 2018-04-10 12:02

Nothing moved.

My gizmo had apparently partly shorted out the elevator. So, I did what everyone in the movies always did; I opened the trapdoor in the ceiling and began to climb up.

Well, so I could be in better shape. I heaved myself up and looked around the shaft. I saw the ladder in the shaft's wall and proceeded to climb upwards. Luckily I was already on the upper level. although my box was a bit heavy.

Mental note: join a health club.

I got to the top and swung over to the roof access door, heaving and puffing.

Mental note: soon!

I looked around the roof. I glanced up to see how far up the next level of the Metroplex was and then realized M.U.T. HQ was on the top level. No help there.

I reached into my box and hoped that I'd insulated my com-unit good enough from my electronic garbage. Good, it seemed okay. I opened up a channel to Tal.

"Tal, you still tapped into climate control?"

"Yeah, what d'ya want?"

"Patch me through to ICy."


"Hiya boss, what can I do ya for?"

"I want you to go in through the climate control link and get that Sunburn file. Then transmit it to every terminal in the Comnet, including InterSpec's. And red-flag it."

"But boss, the security around that file- "

"Use Program 12."

Silence. And then, "Not that one; are you sure?"

"Authorization blue; go do it ICy."

"Okay, but remember I warned you."


Now remember about the big Comnet computer tap I mentioned a few pages earlier? Well, Program 12 was the one I'd used in tha

f me, and looked at that beautiful video display. Even the chief had to call this evidence. Purrdue sat down next to me, arm around my waist, whispering her room number into my ear.


Well, the upshot of what came next, after being interrupted from an attempted private moment with Purrdue by various congratulations a total of seventeen times, was as follows. What was broadcast was enough evidence for the boss. It was also enough evidence for half of the Interspecies Council that happened to be watching TV, most of the governments on Earth, the International Council of Churches, and three L-5 stations. Worked a bit better than the first time I did it; M.U.T. must have a pretty good transmitter at that place. Of course, the authorities know just who to come after, which gave me and Purrdue two more interruptions giving out explanations. I thought of photocopying the whole bit and handing it out. But, Purrdue and I were in for one last interruption- the chief wanting my presence as a witness. Blaaaghh!

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