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   Chapter 9 No.9

Project Looking Glass By Mark Anthony Tierno Characters: 5270

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The door opened and we went along a hallway which led up to a pair of heavy double doors. Guarding the doors was a seven-foot pitbull with the largest caliber machine gun I ever saw a single person carry. He nodded and opened the doors for us, closing them after we'd entered.

The room was about 150 feet by 150 feet, with an assortment of video screens and projected maps all along the walls, various computer controls and terminals along the far wall, book shelves along the side walls, and a large semicircular desk in the center in front of the far wall. The desk had all manner of buttons, with a flat screen built into its top, and a large plush leather chair with its back to us. On the floor in front of the desk was the M.U.T logo with its open pair of hands cradling the planet.

A deep voice sounded from the other side of the chair, "You're the one that's been a bit nosey lately. You're Henry Jeffery Flatfoot, excuse me, Flaatphut, your father's dead, you're mother's in Florida, you're a Class Two Inspector for InterSpec, and your favorite color is blue. Did I miss anything?"

Yeah, I liked green also. I gripped the handle of my tool kit tightly.

"I'll be direct. Would you like to work for me?"

He swiveled around in his chair. I got my first look at the head of M.U.T.

I should have seen it coming just from the initials of the company.

Sitting in the chair was a short, about four feet or so, squat, multi-jowled bulldog.

"You can probably guess what your other choice is."

"First, just so I have it clear in my head, um, could I hazar



A shot rang out, as I wondered if I'd next see angels or fire.

And the gun went flying from his hand. I could guess who the shot came from, but wasn't about to guess at motives just now, just so long as she didn't shift allegiances again. I picked up and ran.

Fortunately the beast was slow.

Unfortunately, so was the elevator.

I pounded on the blasted button.

He came closer.

I began throwing random things out of my box at him.

He kept coming.

Okay, so I neglected to pack a gun. Big deal! So, sue me!

Another shot rang out and hit him in the right chest. He stopped short but did not fall.

The elevator doors then opened up, I leaped in, and agonized as the door closed painfully slowly.

They closed.

Now what?!

At least I'm away from Gigantor over there. I just wonder what custom gene-vat he first came crawling out of. Well, first things first. I had to get to a terminal to transmit all the evidence. I punched a button for one of the intermediary floors.

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