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   Chapter 7 No.7

Project Looking Glass By Mark Anthony Tierno Characters: 5008

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Five minutes passed.

Finally the words "access gained" flicked across the screen.

I smiled.

"Now, the computer here will start off with some glitches in the ventilation system. You'll intercept their call to the local repair people here, and then call me on the com-links."

"Right. And then I stick to our schedule of programmed life-support disasters."

"And keep track of their calls, or at least their non-secured ones."

"Maybe a few of those too, " he smiled.

"Okay. I'll have George here lead me back up and then I'll wait for your call."

I clasped hands with George and then began crawling back out with him.


I'd sent George back and was now in a van a couple of blocks away from MUT. The van was all painted up with the name of the local environmental repair company. I was putting on my coveralls while I waited. The van had been borrowed and, as I intended to return it, I hope all went well with it.

The boss' van needed a new paint job anyhow.

I adjusted my fake mustache, checked the scar I'd just pasted on, and waited.

Ten minutes passed.

Finally "You're on" sounded out of my wrist-watch com-link.

I started up the van and drove down the street. Five minutes later, I was at the MUT main gate, being watched by cameras, scanners, and who knows what else. A speaker sounded.

"State your business!"

"I was called in for a repair." I held out the ID I'd commandeered from someone about three cases ago. I thought it might come in useful

me back with a single question mark. Hmm. Well, why not?

I entered the phrase `Operation Sunburn' and prayed.

A file began reading across my screen. Lots of read-out but all of it nonsensical words and mixed up backwards letters. Damn, a code!

I sat back and thought.

Did I say `backwards'?

It couldn't be that simple, could it? Of course, if it had something to do with Project Looking Glass, some wise-guy with a sense of humor just might...

I found a small hand-mirror in a desk drawer and held it up to the display.

Some wise-guy did. The display came out correct in the mirror. I began reading as I pressed the hard-copy button.

Now, my jaw has never dropped before, but, as I skimmed through the text, a small pool of saliva began forming on the desk.

First, was the re-routed personnel and money. All the personnel transfers were over to the geosynch station part of Project Looking Glass. The money went for materials sent there and for some warehouses somewhere.

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