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   Chapter 6 No.6

Project Looking Glass By Mark Anthony Tierno Characters: 4687

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"What'll be your pleasure?" she smiled sweetly.

Maybe I should come here more often; look what I'm missing out on. My hormones thought to remind me that I'm male. Down boy, mind on business.

"Is Betty in?"

"Sure. Back room, " she nodded in the right direction. "You a regular?"

"Used to be, " name dropping couldn't hurt, "my mother used to be known as the Platinum Angel."

Her eyes widened, "the same one who pulled the Aegis Scam?"

I nodded.

She personally led me on back. Ralph was still doing the bar, literally barking out the drinks, his one long tooth still sticking out of his canine mouth. He smiled and waved.

"Hey Kid, long time no see, eh?"

I smiled and nodded as I walked across the room. The place was as busy as ever, with its scum, toughs, dregs, sluts, a few exotics, and the usual crowd. Just like old times. We headed towards the back room. The fox had grabbed a drink off the bar and stuffed it eagerly into my hands as she opened the door for me.

"Hey Aunty, a celeb's here, " she called in, "he's the son of- "


The source of the yell came from a chair at a desk, in which was seated a middle aged, rather plump, old lady, of black Persian-Burmese mix. She had on a somewhat ratty frilly dress, but she knew how to wear it, and she'd just looked up from the terminal at her desk.

"Hi, Aunt Betty."

She got up, as the door got closed b

trol system."

"Great." I began to get out my equipment and hook up.

"You do realize that this is about the second oldest trick in the book?"

"Which means that they won't be expecting it."

He gave out an exasperated growl.

I finished the hookups and turned on my box.

"Now, I just have to get access to their environment computer."

"What about their security programs?"

"I got ICy preprogrammed for this. They don't usually have as much security around these minor sub-systems, and we're hooking up directly anyhow. Besides, I was a bit of a hacker as a kid. You remember the row about the big Comnet computer tap about ten years ago?"

His eyes widened.

Okay, so it had actually been an accident, but he didn't need to know that. Besides, it had been a learning experience.

"Now, " I readied the computer, "we hope."

I activated the program and prayed that the life-support computer was a dumb-box.

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