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   Chapter 7 No.7

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Finally in his "Advanced Seminar on Many Worlds", he states baldly that the alternative universes predicted by Relativity (Black Hole Theory) are the same as the many worlds predicted by Quantum, are the same as fractal dimensions revealed in Chaos! This one-page course description is the closest thing we have to an explanation of why travel to other worlds actually works. Hence the Catalogue is an indispensable document for the serious student of the Conspiracy.

10. Beckenstein, J.

"Black holes & Entropy"

(Xerox offprint from Physical Review, Vol. D7, 1973; 28pp)

An early (pre-Breakthrough) speculation with suggestive hints about quantum and chaos-as-entropy — although no knowledge of actual Chaos Theory is demonstrated. This paper was referred to in an in-house memo from the Inst. for Chaos Studies & Imaginal Yoga, believed to have been composed by K. Sohrawardi himself (see #9).

11. Sohrawardi, Dr Kamadev.

"Pholgiston & the Quantum Aether"

(Off print from the J. of Paranormal Physics, Vol. XXII, Bombay, 1966)

An early paper by Sohrawardi, flooded with wild speculations about quantum and oriental spirituality, probably dating from the period when he was still working for IBM, but making visits to Millbrook, nearby in Dutchess Co., and participating in the rituals of the League of spiritual discovery under Dr. T Leary, and the psychedelic yoga of Bill Haines' Sri Ram Ashram, which shared Leary's headquarters on a local millionaire's estate. The

nation raises problems in the light of what actually happened; perhaps there is a third, as yet unsuspected.

13. (Anonymous).

Ong's Hat: A Color Brochure of the Institute of Chaos Studies

(photocopy of the original color brochure)

Note — This is one of the RARE pamphlets from this series that I have been able to procure. It is included in the next chapter of this book. — Joseph Matheny

This bizarre document, disguised as a brochure for a New Age health retreat, reveals some interesting information about the activities of Sohrawardi group or a closely-associated group. A fairly accurate description of the Egg is provided, as well as a believable account of the first (or one of the first) Breakthroughs. However, everything else in the pamphlet is sheer disinformation. The New Jersey Pine Barrens were never a center of alternate-worlds research, and all the names in the text are false. A non-existent address is included. Nevertheless, highly valuable for background.

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