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   Chapter 68 No.68

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5229

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I couldn't help but wonder why she said that after handing me back the gun. Did the gun remind her of Terra or was it something that had been on her mind for a while, and she was just waiting for the right time to ask.

"Of course, " I replied.

"Good, " she said, and collapsed on the table once again.

I placed the gun, clip, and bullets all back into my bag and watched as Gwen used her phone to call Terra and confirm her visit. She then informed me she would be the one cooking tonight.

She scattered the contents of her bag on the table as she usually did before shopping, so she could place the groceries in her small backpack. She gave me a hug and left for the market as she had probably done a number of times while I was away.

There weren't that many things she left on the table. They were almost the same things I'd brought with me. A passport, card, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, phone, charger, an extra T-shirt and a spare pair of underwear and socks. The things she had and I didn't were: a laptop, the coloring pencils, and a sketchbook. The things I had whereas she didn't were a handgun and a photo of a chicken.

The room was awfully quiet without her. Not that she's much of a talker. It's her presence that was missing. The house felt lifeless and inhospitable without her. Even the goats were quiet in the absence of their new mistress.

116 – Terra

Dinner at Ria's and Gwen's place was nothing but delightful. They were an exceptional duo. INTP and INTJ probably. For the entirety of the dinner, I felt as if their conversa

of crumpled bills from her pocket. She placed the bills on the table and said: "Let's play." Ria sorted out the money on the table and placed a thousand rupees in front of her and a thousand in front of her friend. The remaining bills, she crumpled them back into a ball and set them aside on the left side of the table just in case they needed them later. Gwen and Ria both pushed their cash to the center of the table to signal they were ready to play. From this interaction, I learned three things. First, they both shared their money, that kind of defeated the purpose of the game but I let it slip, the second thing was that they both had little regard for money but Ria was probably better at managing it than Gwen, and third, they were both suckers for any kind of game.

I set my thousand rupees on the center of the table and proceeded to explain the rules of the game. Gwen paid close attention and Ria closed her eyes while she listened, that was probably the way she used to efficiently acquire new information presented to her.

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