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   Chapter 63 No.63

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5224

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She shook her head. A car engine began to roar. Was there a car parked in front of the cabin? I took a peek through the tiny gap in the curtains and saw the smaller guy, Hamza, leaving the site. This was my chance.

"OK Erika, now here's what I need you to do. I need you to get changed and prepare any vital items you can't do without, like your passport, phone, credit cards, et cetera. Nothing bulky, do you understand?"

"Yes, " she replied nervously. She then got off the bed and started to prepare. I took another peek through the window.

"Done, " she said.

"Great. Can you drive?"


"OK. Come with me." I showed her to the bathroom window. "Do you see that car on the other side of the field?"


"OK. Here are the keys. I need you to go there and wait for me." I handed over the keys to her. "If someone approaches the car, you drive away. If I don't come back in half an hour, you drive away. If you feel any danger, you drive away. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

I waited for her to get to the car safely and snuck back using the window in the direction of Hamza's cabin.

106 – Bruno

I've always been looking for opportunities. My life path has forced me to choose freedom over money every time, although that means I still need to take the odd job now and then to finance my traveling life. That's how, after walking for about six months in Argentina, I ended up in a small town down in the Patagonia area called El Calafate.

Almost every time, I asked my hosts or drivers which place would be good to loo

car, that means that if she too rushed to the car they could both make it back together.

I walked out of the bathroom slowly so I would not freak her out, but as soon as I walked into the room, the front door suddenly opened. It was Ahmed. There were two seconds of silence and then they both rushed towards me, only the girl wasn't rushing to me, but instead passed by me and went to the bathroom behind me.

Ahmed didn't waste any time, he tried to grab me but I avoided him. Had he managed to get ahold of my arm that may have been the end. I rolled on the floor and jumped on top of the bed to get the higher ground, took out my gun and pointed it at him. He wasn't scared the least.

A charging bull. That's what he looked like when he dashed towards me, ignoring the fact that I had the higher ground and that he had a gun pointed at him. Ahmed was a well-built man. His height and weight were well above average but that didn't make a difference. A straight shot, right in between his eyes, was all it took for him to go down.

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