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   Chapter 61 No.61

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5428

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My first impression of Terra: she was unusually good listener, and talker. Effortlessly choosing the exact words she needed to express herself, no more, no less, just like people do when they are in public relations jobs. She knows how to communicate her ideas and knows how to make others comfortable in her presence. She can talk about all sorts of topics. When she's not familiar with the topic. she just asks questions about it and listens attentively.

During the two and a half hours we were at the coffee shop, we talked about all sorts of things. From our lives back home to the fauna of Pakistan, to the reasons for the alcohol ban in the nineteen-seventies. As we chatted, I felt like I understood Terra a bit more and my relationship with her had deepened a little.

When I got back home, it was almost seven. I turned on the lights and made myself some coffee while thinking about how nice it would be to make some red wine with the grapes we had bought, or some cider with the apples.

Maybe tomorrow, for today I felt like I needed to write something. There was a story growing inside me. That night I wrote until my eyes hurt, until my creativeness ran out and my pen was inkless. And then I turned off the lights and went to bed. All was well. I felt good. I felt useful, accomplished, productive. My book was finished. OK, not really, I had only written about twenty pages but it was up to a good start.

103 - Ria

I drove a few hours north after leaving Gwen at home. Gun under the seat just in case. The driving part was done automatically but my mind was busy at work. The thought of going back th

to the bathroom as stealthily as I could and walked to the bedroom, holding my breath and watching my every step, careful not to make a single sound.

The cabin was empty. There was no sign of Peter or anyone else. I examined the room carefully looking for clues that would help me find Peter or Kuchak, in the same way as I'd done when playing with Mom as a child. I methodically inspected every corner of the room. Starting from the wall, I checked the bed, including under the covers and pillows. I scanned the empty space under the bed and every inch of the bathroom.

The room had no other furniture besides a bed and a cloth-hanger, so it was pretty straightforward. The ceiling was the same as I had seen it before. In a corner of the room, there was a small wastebasket that someone had recently emptied. I checked my watch which showed seven thirty in the morning.

Retracing my steps, I went back to the cabin I had stayed in last time. The one with the toothbrush and the jacket. I snuck in through the window, making my way to the main room as quietly as possible.

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