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   Chapter 46 No.46

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5738

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I also learned that they wrote 'Argentina' in the certificate but they could have also written any country I had told them to write. The rules and regulations to take animals to most countries are usually the same and so it's the certificate. The only difference is the country that is written on it. This five minutes process made me realize it was all much easier than I thought and there was nothing that could stop us now. Life is good. Dogs are life.

73 – Ria

First, I needed to think about what Gwen would need to do to come here. She would need a plane ticket and a visa, and, no, that's probably it, to get the visa she may need an invitation letter unless she uses the same travel agency I used.

I checked my emails for the voucher from the agency. I downloaded it onto the computer, changed the details on it and voila! A travel voucher for Gwen had been made. I then booked a place in the next group traveling to Pakistan on the agency's website using my credit card and Gwen's name. They have a refund policy, so even if she couldn't make the flight for some reason, I could get the money back quite easily. Then I emailed the agency telling them who I was and that I had used my card to buy my friend a ticket for her to come to visit me here. They would take care of everything.

It would probably be good for her to leave Canada for a while, it had been a few years since we had traveled somewhere together. Also, it would be good for her to be sober for a while and this was the perfect place to be sober, for even if she wanted to buy a drink she wasn't gonna find it because there isn't any.

When I was about to email Gwen with the details of her trip I remembered the cat I got her last t

full five hours of the journey.

When we left the bus station in Kunming, I abandoned the dog cage by the side of the road hoping I wouldn't be needing it again in the future. The thought of putting Bong Gu inside a crate for the duration of the flights terrified me. There were four flights with a total duration of forty-five hours, there was no way I could have put her through that, so having Bong Gu go through as a service dog was the only option for us to get to South America without her dying because of stress, cold, thirst or changes in cabin pressure.

Bong Gu behaved perfectly well during the flights. I was the one who was nervous the whole time. I worried that she would get motion sickness and puke somewhere, or that she would get stressed or need to urinate or defecate. I worried she would get nervous and couldn't keep her act together after so many hours spent in airports and airplanes. She didn't do any of that though and sat with me perfectly still for the whole trip like the good girl she is. She only peed once when we transferred in Paris, but the airport was such a filthy mess that nobody noticed it anyway.

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