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   Chapter 39 No.39

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5482

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Either way, I didn't feel scared, I've been to some dangerous places before and met my fair share of scary people. After living in China for a few years, I can tell for sure the Chinese mountains are nothing to be afraid of. Not that there aren't any crazy people in China, it's just that the crazy ones are the people chain-smoking in an office or a KTV room, not in the mountains after midnight in the rain.

The person is knocking on the door now. I got out of my sleeping bag, ordered Bong Gu to stay put and walked towards the door, half-guessing what would happen when I opened that door. I thought there would probably be an awkward exchange of some sort, it would be an angry farmer who would start shouting something I wouldn't be able to understand because I didn't speak his dialect, as every little village had its own dialect in China. I guessed he would say that this is his house and would ask me why I was here, then tell me to leave, and later I would explain in Mandarin that I am a traveler who got lost in the mountains and just needed a place to stay until the rain stopped. He would probably understand and let me sleep in his house. Pretty straightforward, nothing to worry about. I approached the door, removed the wire and unlocked it while mentally preparing my apology for the person on the other side.

To my surprise, there was no one there. I stepped out and look around further. The dirt road was dead quiet at this time. Nothing to do, I got back in, got into the sleeping bag and thought about what had just happened.

For a year now, Bong Gu and I have gone camping almost every single weekend, we've slep

e two mountains. A ray of sunlight pierced through the still-cloudy sky, it signaled to us that it was time to get going. After hiking downhill for about half an hour we discovered a group of old tombs, the kind that you find almost anywhere in China. Traces of paper money and incense sticks were still clinging to the sides of the carved rocks.

I took some snacks and dog food from my backpack and we had a picnic next to the graves. In China, there are always some empty buckets filled with water for us to drink next to the graves. Since it was raining just a few hours ago it's safe to think the water in them is somewhat fresh.

I had a cereal bar, mock meat jerky, and some nuts while Bong Gu ate the dog food I brought for her. After we finished our breakfast I used my foot to tap on the ground next to the water container to signal to her she could drink from there. I drank from one of them as well, while remembering the story of good old monk Wonhyo, who found enlightenment by drinking rainwater from a skull full of maggots inside a tomb one and a half thousand years ago.

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