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   Chapter 37 No.37

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5449

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The fact that she is dark as night, relatively small and inconspicuous, means she never gives away our location while we are camping. If she hears a strange sound, instead of barking she would look at me and wait for instructions on how to proceed. That is something vital when we sleep outdoors, as being concealed is, for me, the most important requirement to have a good night's sleep. I wouldn't be able to sleep well in a park or next to a busy road where people can see me and murder me.

Being killed in my sleep is probably the thing I'm scared of the most when traveling. I know most people are nice everywhere, but I still don't want to take any chances. If somebody were to spot me and decided to kill me while I'm sleeping, I wouldn't stand a chance. That being said, we still get into a fair amount of dangerous situations while we're awake, no need to add more for when we sleep.

57 - Peter

I looked at Ria. She bit her lower lip, looked back at me and then at the door. A cold wind filled the room when I opened the door. Hamza was standing there with his smile and a bottle of something that looked like home-brewed wine in his hand.

"I got this from one of the villagers, do you guys want to try it?" he asked me, while sneakily taking a peek inside the room. Ria's was still sitting on her bed, with her back against the wall behind the door. Hamza couldn't see her with me standing in the door.

"We're actually in the middle of something, " I told him apologetically, almost expecting him to keep pushing it further. He didn't though, he took no for an answer, winked mischievously and turned back head

ot once did we find traces of human presence among them, and by traces of human presence, I'm talking cigarette butts of course.

One day, we found ourselves exploring the northern part of the gorge surrounding the city. We hiked uphill for five hours until we reached some narrow trail traversing groves of trees we had never seen before. Farmers worked the fields as usual. A herd of goats roamed freely in the prairie. Every once in a while, we would find cows and horses munching on grass and hay respectively.

As night came, bringing about the end of the day, we were accompanied by a gentle rain and a warm summer breeze, and we decided to keep pushing forward with the moonlight until we found a nice place to spend the night

After walking for about an hour, the rain started to get heavier, and with a torch we spotted some structures nearby, belonging to what seemed to be some kind of settlement. The rain would not cease, that hindered our vision, and the mud made it difficult to walk but we ignored it and continue on until we saw an open door in one of the shacks.

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