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   Chapter 33 No.33

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5284

Updated: 2018-04-10 12:02

"Is this your dog?" Hamza asked. Peter explained to them what happened since we arrived and that we were on the way north with this group of people who were traveling with us on the bus.

Hamza and his friend Ahmed apologized for not being able to make it to the airport and said they were on the way back to Gilgit themselves and they'd be honored if they could give us a ride.

We agreed and went to their car after we finished our breakfast. Hamza opened the back seat for Peter, while Kuchak and I to sat behind the driver's seat. Ahmed got in the front passenger seat and Hamza got behind the wheel.

I found it weird that neither of them asked why wasn't I carrying any luggage. Usually, that's the first thing everyone feels the need to remark. It could be possible they were not normal people or have seen their fair share of travelers with only carry-on luggage with them.

"How was your flight?" Ahmed asked, passing me a bottle of mineral water.

"It was good, " I said awkwardly. What was I supposed to say?

"First time to Asia?" Hamza asked, trying to sound casual.

"Third time, but first time to Pakistan, " I replied opening the bottle of water and having a sip from it to show my appreciation.

"This girl has been everywhere, " added Peter. "I remember you mentioning you had been to Europe and South America before, is that right?"

I nodded, embarrassed, and hid my mouth behind the bottle of water.

"The place we're going is still a few more hours up north. I reckon we'll arrive there before nightfall, is that alright?" he asked us.


easy money and I can't see myself doing anything else with my life.

That is all only assuming I'm even allowed to quit. Not that there's anything telling me otherwise. My mind goes wild imagining what would happen if I were to tell Ahmed I wanted to quit. Would they just let me go? Or what if I didn't say anything and just disappeared one day, without a trace, never to return, would they even bother to look for me?

I am a human, it's only normal to question myself. That's crystal clear, but would it be arrogant to think of myself as a someone who deserves to be looked for in the case I disappeared?

I know I'm getting ahead of myself but let's say I were to disappear, where would I go? And how? And what would I do if someone came after me? I think therefore I am. It's only normal to question myself. Would I be able to live a life in hiding? Waking up every day to the thought that today someone might come looking for me? It would be much easier to just explain to them I wanted to quit, that is, assuming I do actually want to quit.

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