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   Chapter 25 No.25

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I opened Google Maps and checked the distance between the hotel and the airport in Islamabad. It's a six-hour drive. That means that if I go to sleep now I can catch the first bus early in the morning and pick her up there tomorrow afternoon.

My parents wrote to me saying they had gone to my place and everything was alright there, that they were glad to know I was having fun and were proud of me for being so brave and come to this dangerous place by myself. Dangerous, really? I think I've never in my life felt as safe as I did in Pakistan.

There was a reply from Mr. Hamza as well. He wrote he was glad to hear I would be coming to Pakistan and to let him know when my flight will arrive at Islamabad airport. He was assuming I'd be flying there. Seeing as I had to go to the airport anyway to pick up Ria, I might as well tell him I'd be arriving tomorrow at half-past two in the afternoon.

Ria's flight would arrive at three p.m., so that gives me half an hour to talk to Hamza and explain that I'm actually there to pick up a friend. I don't think he'll mind. But also, I barely know the guy so I really shouldn't worry too much. If he's there tomorrow we could hang out, I guess he wants to show us around the city or something and if he isn't, I'll just hang out with Ria. And if Ria is not there I'll hang out with Hamza and if neither of them is there I'll just hit the road alone and do what I've been doing 'til now.

When I returned to my roo

he suggested, pouring himself a second cup of tea.

I do dislike guns indeed but it was the first time the boss was asking something from me. I've never even met the boss before, nor do I want to. Ahmed is the boss for me and he's someone I trust. He gets the orders and passes them on to me. Things are good this way.

"I've also got something for you, " I told him, taking the gun and hiding it in my belt. I took my phone and showed him the exchange of emails I had with Peter. He frowned while holding the phone close to his nose trying to read the small letters on it.

"It says here he should be arriving tomorrow, is that right?" he asked while handing me back the phone.

"That's right."

Ahmed covered his mouth with his right hand and started stroking his beard from top to bottom like he did when he was thinking about something.

"That means we should leave tonight, " he said with a smile while stroking his beard on the sides with both of his hands.

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