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   Chapter 10 No.10

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Sarah didn't respond. Instead, she looked at me from head to toe, inspecting my shoes, jeans, shirt and my cardigan. She then inspected my hands, nails, hair, and all of my facial features. Then she looked around us, probably to see if this was some kind of prank or if there were any camouflaged cameras set up. Finally, she put down her phone and replied.


"Beautiful, let's go, " I told her. She picked up her purse and followed me to an accessible restroom, where I locked the door behind me after showing her in.

15 - Ria

It was seven a.m., a Saturday morning which somehow felt like a Sunday; everyone was relaxed on the streets, children were running around merrily as people walked around in their tracksuits carrying shopping bags and their morning cups of coffee.

I had spent the night out camping, field-testing some new camping gear I had received from one of my sponsors. On the way back home, I dropped by a bakery to pick up a tasty German walnut bread. As soon as I arrived home, I made myself a tomato, cheese and avocado sandwich and downed it with a cup of coffee while thinking about how I should spend the rest of the day.

At half-past nine, I received a text message. "Come at once if convenient, it said. If inconvenient come all the same. Gwen." It was a Sherlock Holmes quote.

Her level of nerdiness didn't stop at video games, it extended through a wide range of fields from fantasy, sci-fi and mystery novels to Japanese cartoons and Korean dramas. Most people would think she's crazy, not in a weird way but more like in a 'comic relief' kind of way.


eplied, as she sat on the floor sharpening some coloring pencils. "Also, I'm here for a good time, not a long time."

I sighed and tossed the empty bottles into a plastic bag, took the pile of dishes to the sink and started washing them. "Come on, help me, clear the table, put those stuff away, take a shower and get ready, we're going out."

"I'm ready to go." She stood up energetically, opened the fridge and took another pre-mixed cocktail drink. She grabbed the bottle opener and got into character mode while I stared at her.

"BEHOLD! The true power of the Valkyrie!" she exclaimed while opening the bottle in a theatrical manner. The bottle cap flew off and landed inside a shoe. We both looked at the shoe as Gwen handed the bottle to me, pushed me with her bum and took over the dishes.

Meanwhile, I folded her clothes, piled them up neatly and placed them in the drawer under her bed. I swept up the pencil shavings and moved the pile of papers from the table to the shelf while taking sips from a bottle which had the words 'tropical mojito' on it.

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