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   Chapter 6 No.6

Ria, are you ok? By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5367

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"Why India?" they asked.

I couldn't say why for sure, I just felt like I needed to go there. It was as if something there was waiting for me. I did realize, though, that if I went there thinking that something special would happen, it probably would have. A self-fulfilling prophecy if you may.

"I don't know why I chose India, " I said honestly. "I just feel like I have to go there..."

When I was talking, Hailey started to turn pale, her face blanched. Her eyes started to pursue something behind my mom's back. I followed her gaze but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

"Hailey, are you OK?" my mom asked her. Hailey's eyes started to move from my father to my mother, then onto me, like a cat watching an insect's flight. Suddenly she collapsed onto the floor and vanished into thin air.

9 - Ria

There were a number of rituals Gwen and I had during high school. One of them was that, once a week, usually on Sunday afternoons, we would take a ferry down to one of the beach bars on Vancouver Island, share an ice cream or a milkshake, and spend hours chit-chatting about the silliest things.

She was really into video games although I wasn't, so I'd just listen to her as she told me all about her video games, and I would tell her about the treasures I found or was planning to find. She would tell me about that boy she liked and I would try to convince her to talk to him. I would tell her about how I missed mom. Thinking of her would remind me how proud she'd be if she could see me right now.

After we turned nineteen, our friendship evolved. The Sunday afternoons be

ry as mine.

She's a bit like a pet, in the sense that our friendship has no expiration date and there's literally nothing she can do to stop me from loving her. Spending time with her feels as good as being alone. Neither of us really have anything to do with the other people we know, and we're not exactly interested in seeing them.

Nonetheless, it doesn't mean I'm closing any doors. If I do meet a boy I like enough to consider sharing my life with him, I would be the one asking him out. Or maybe I wouldn't, we'll see.

10 - Peter

"Where did she go?" Dad asked. Mom frowned and bit her lower lip. I didn't know what to say so I kept quiet. Hailey's book lay on the floor next to the spot where she had disappeared, her backpack hanging heavily on the chair.

Do you believe in magic? I remember Hailey asking me this when we were back in the car. Could this be the kind of magic she was referring to? Vanishing and summoning scary people into my car. Mom was worried, Dad was confused and I was also confused, and scared and worried at the same time.

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