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   Chapter 65 No.65

Gwen, are you ok By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 2689

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223 - Ria

The number on the display started with +52. That meant it was from Mexico, and that was also pretty random. But I knew someone who could also be pretty random. My best friend. I excused myself from the presence of the monks and went outside the temple to take the phone call. The elephant had gone back into the jungle and had its trunk and head stretched out to reach some of the high tree branches.

"Hola, " I answered.

"Hola. Mi nombre es Gwen. Como te llamas?" Gwen produced some simple Spanish sentences I had no idea she knew.

"Me llamo Ria. Como estas?" I followed her spoof.

"Estoy bien. Gracias. Y tu?" Her Spanish was actually quite good. "Yo soy en Mexico. Y tu?"

"Yo estoy en Thailandia o Laos. Probablemente."

"Probablemente, " she repeated after me. "Tu v

as actually a relief knowing what kind of crawling creatures are lurking outside.

Everything happened at dusk in the jungle, but nothing happened. Everything and nothing happened at the same time. Mia went outside to check on the elephant and came back to our room. She didn't talk much if at all, and that, in itself, made her more mature than almost every adult I'd ever met. We got into bed, where I fell fast asleep as the dimly lit room was enveloped by complete darkness, and the insect songs resonated throughout the jungle.

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