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   Chapter 61 No.61

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"What would be the best approach to this problem, based on the resources and information available?" Mom would ask me when I was Mia's age. If my answer wasn't the best one, she would reply with the phrase "That's very good, but how about…" for me to consider the other options as well. "That's great, now how about we use something in this room, " or "That's great, now tell me a solution involving someone's help, " or "That's good, but how about we try somewhere near the water instead." She would never give me the answer but subtle hints that would lead me to find the best possible answer or solution.

Mia seemed curious enough, but probably had no idea about the things I was planning for her. As we were nearing the village, two orange-robed individuals walked out peacefully. When they saw us, they clasped their hands in front of their chest together and made a small bow. Mia looked at me and gave me the sweetest smile a child who had been awake the whole night could give.


215 – Gwen

My costume was ready. The flamethrower had arrived. There was no news from Ria. Her phone was still off and my emails remained unanswered. Sometimes I had the feeling that I would never see her again, but every time I heard footsteps in the hallway I thought it was her. I thought she would come back as if nothing had happened and then everything would go back to the way it was before I went to Pakistan.

Every few hours or so, I dialed Ria's number but the phone was always off. Why wouldn't she let me know where or how she was? I wanted to contact Bruno as well, but I didn'

job and not much money most of the times anyways, and I had no career nor any material stuff and no friends and no Gwen, so this was not much different from anything else I had experienced in my life before coming here.

I was aware that peace and happiness didn't depend on the place you were in, the things you owned nor the experiences you had. I knew that people and money came and went, and I knew that Bong Gu and I could die at any moment and there was nothing I could do about it.

I knew that more meant less, and that we could only be happy once we stopped craving things and experiences, but there was much more to it all. Throughout the years, I had read many books on how to be happy and peaceful and had tried different meditation techniques and retreats. And they all worked well for a while and gave me a temporary boost that would last for either a few days or a few weeks. And after that, I started feeling miserable again, because I was trying to force all this knowledge, understanding and techniques when I just wasn't ready for yet.

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