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   Chapter 41 No.41

Gwen, are you ok By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 4811

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I opened my eyes again. I was in the room holding the boy's hands, only his hands were bigger this time. I checked again and it wasn't the boy, it was the black man whose voice sounded a lot like Morgan Freeman's, and he was lying next to me with his eyes closed. A white dog came to sit on the floor next to him. The boy was gone and so was the black dog, they had both been replaced. Someone had replaced them and thought I wouldn't notice.


180 - Ria

"There is a way to do this, but it isn't going to be easy." I told Mia. Her face brightened up.

There weren't any direct flights from Port Blair to Sydney, so we would need to transfer in either Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Sri Lanka, and that would be our only chance to escape. We would tell Nick we were going to use the ladies' toilets or were going to buy something and exit the airport when he was distracted. But I couldn't let Mia know that, she needed to know as little as possible so I didn't need to worry about her making a mistake.

"Just trust me, everything will be fine, " I assured her. She smiled back at me and got into bed. I turned off the lights and said "goodnight" to her.

That night, I dreamed of Peter and Kuchak. Peter was locked in somewhere and Kuchak was running free through the desert. Peter wasn't feeling completely unhappy to be locked up, he had accepted his faith and knew that whatever happened was for the best.

In the morning, we

us to Brazil. I didn't quite understand why she wanted to go to Brazil so badly, why couldn't we just stay here with Gwen and see what happened?

"This way, " Bong Gu said. She got on her hind legs, and with her paws, she touched my left back pocket and tried to grab something. I took out a hundred bolivianos bill from my pocket and gave it to her. She took it into her mouth and gave it to a boatman, who put it in his pocket and showed us to his ship.

There were four bunk beds inside the boat, two of them facing the other two. I lay down on the bottom one in the middle and could hear how Bong Gu talked to him about the details of the trip. The boatman didn't seem to be the least surprised that he was talking to a dog, and Bong Gu seemed to be handling the situation rather well for the first time I had heard her speak. She wasn't nervous or scared, she knew how to talk and what to say to them. She spoke slowly, choosing her words carefully.

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