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   Chapter 35 No.35

Gwen, are you ok By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 4959

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"Are you ready?" he asked me. That was the question I had been waiting to hear for twenty-five years. The words that would bring meaning to my life.

"I'm super ready, " I told him. He smiled, pressing his lips, and drank half the content of the plastic bag and handed the other half over to me. I held it and witnessed how he contorted his face in what could have been his way of keeping himself from vomiting the drink. He put his hand in his mouth and swallowed repeatedly. He was making terrible faces, but at the same time, he was trying to keep cool for me not to worry. It must taste really horrible, but I wasn't expecting it to taste good anyway. I drank the remaining half of the bag and felt the temperature drop forty degrees inside the room.

A scratching sound came from under the bed. There was something there. Something alive, and it was coming for us. The black dog also heard it. A furry thing was trying to get out. It was Nana, the black and white goat. I didn't recognize her at first but after her head was out, it was clear it was her. She crawled out from under the bed and walked straight into the bathroom, ignoring me, the boy and the dog. I stood up and followed her into the bathroom. When I closed the door behind me, we were not in the bathroom anymore.

The goat and I suddenly found ourselves in the coldest place on earth. We were standing on a thick ice sheet, behind us frozen ice peaks rose, as majestic a view as there could be on this planet.

those islands are right?"

"I have a black belt in Ai Ki Do and Tae Kwon Do, I'm also pretty good at several styles of Kung Fu. I think I can manage some islanders, " I bragged.

Nick laughed at my answer.

"How come I'm not surprised?" said Danielle.

"I used to dream of being a treasure hunter, " I confessed. "That's why I spent most of my life learning new things that I thought would help me reach my goal, " I continued. "But this is the first time I have had the chance of putting my skills to good use." They both listened to me intently.

"There are few if any jobs as noble as the one of finding missing people. If you gave me the chance, I know I can do it, " I sat on the chair to signal I was done talking.

Nick smiled like a proud father watching his daughter's graduation ceremony. Danielle stroked her chin as a way to show she was thinking about what I said.

"Can you pilot an AT207?" asked Danielle.

"I could pilot an Apache if I had to, " I grinned.

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