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   Chapter 34 No.34

Gwen, are you ok By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5202

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"I can do this, " I told the officers. "I can find Mia. Give me five minutes." Without giving them time to say anything I sat in front of the computer and read the notes I had taken. "From what Gwen had said, she was on an island, with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. I'm thinking somewhere in the Caribbean, the South Pacific islands, the coast of Africa, Southeast Asia or the Indian Ocean." I said it out loud so that the officers could understand my thought process.

"She also said they ate oversized white potatoes, which is probably taro, so I can rule out the Caribbean as taro doesn't grow there, they have yuka instead. And she said the locals were wild people who tried to attack them with spears. I've never heard of anything like that happening in the Pacific Islands or South East Asia so I can rule them out as well, " I continued, using Google Earth to locate the island on the map.

"She said their skin was more brownish than black so that rules out the African coast, leaving only the islands around India. Which group of islands between India and Thailand are known for having aggressive tribes of people living on them?" I asked the officers, so they wouldn't feel left out.

"The Andaman Islands, " Nick uttered slowly, without giving it much thought.

"Exactly, " I said, turning the computer screen towards them so they could see the islands on Google Earth.


170 - Bruno

I gave my phone to Gwen and headed into the city with Bong Gu to try to find some Ayahuasca. Riveralta was a beautiful jungle town,

and some gas-powered cooking equipment. A pot, a camping stove, some plates, cups, and an old white dog lying tiredly in a corner of the room. He had pointy ears and was similar to Bong Gu, but slightly larger in size.

He showed me the plant and said he would prepare it for me for one hundred bolivianos. That was like fifteen dollars, so I agreed and he began preparing it. When he was finished he put it in a plastic bag and handed it over to me. I walked the jungle path again back to the city, paid three bolivianos to the raftsman once again and returned to the hotel room.

Gwen was sitting on the floor drawing something. She tilted her head and smiled curiously as I showed her the bag I brought with the ayahuasca.


171 - Gwen

Bruno brought what he told me to be a drink made of a plant in a plastic bag. To me, it looked like something British people would drink, like tea, or absinthe. He brought the rubbish bin from the toilet and sat next to me with the bin next to us, he said it was in case we vomited.

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