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   Chapter 32 No.32

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She was listening intently, and I could tell she was trying to understand, but she really didn't. She did say, "Yes, let's go." But I had the feeling that I could have told her anything and her answer would have been the same.

Bong Gu seemed to get along well with her. She would sit in between her legs and Gwen seemed to enjoy petting and playing with her. Gwen and I seemed to be really different and at the same time really similar. This could actually work. Maybe.

The three of us got on the bus to Riveralta. Gwen said she didn't have any Bolivian money, so I paid for her tickets and food, it was only twenty dollars anyway. I wondered how she made it to the desert without any money. She could have hitchhiked her way here but from where? There were no borders nearby and she had such a small bag as well, probably no more than a change of clothes could fit inside it.

I don't know how she managed to sleep thirty of the thirty-two hours we were on the bus. One hour she spent playing with her hair and the other hour was spent looking out the window. When the bus arrived and it was time to get off, I tried tapping her shoulder but that did nothing to wake her up. I shook her arm a little and she looked at me with her right eye slightly open while keeping the left one closed. We were the last ones on the bus, and even the driver had left. Gwen didn't say a word but just looked around trying to figure out where she was or what was going on. She then looked at me as if waiting for an explanation.

"We've arrived, " I tol

fuss about the fact that there was only one bed.

At nine in the morning, I woke up and took a shower. When I was finished, Gwen was still fast asleep so I went out to get some breakfast for us, which was two cups of freshly pressed orange juice with two 'salte?as' - Bolivian empanadas. Even when I came back she was still asleep. She had slept for twelve hours straight and it didn't seem like she would be waking up anytime soon.

The checkout time for the hotel was at noon, so when the clock hit twelve and Gwen wasn't awake yet, I went downstairs to the lobby and paid for another night. There was no rush really, a few more days in this town wouldn't hurt. After I paid, I went back to the room and lay down next to her. She was twitching as if she were having an intense dream.

At two p.m. she woke up after sleeping for over sixteen hours - it was a miracle. How could someone sleep for so long? Bong Gu sometimes slept for twelve or fourteen hours but sixteen was unheard of. Gwen could sleep more than Bong Gu.

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