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   Chapter 29 No.29

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There were plenty of empty seats so I took a seat next to a window and thought about what just happened. The female passengers were wearing top hats and vibrantly colored clothes, mostly pink, green, blue and red. The male passengers had caps or cowboy hats and were wearing dark-colored clothes in black, blue and brown tones. Everyone had dark skin, similar to the native Americans from the US. I noticed there was another foreigner on the bus, and he had a black dog with him.


162 - Ria

Nick's search showed no results. When the program was done compiling information, I ran the search using all the information I had available on her, and I explained every step of the process to Nick, asking for his input. His standard answer was 'That's a great idea.'

He didn't offer any help nor did he stop me in any way. On the contrary, he remained expectant to see what I would do next and what my methods were. He seemed to be enjoying the whole thing more than he should.

The male police officer had finished playing his game and was now sitting there looking at us with a slight hint of interest in what we were doing. The online search was finished, showing no results once again. There was only one thing left to do. I opened Google Earth in a new browser window and checked the distance between her home and the book club. It was three point two kilometers, something like an hour walk for a person her age.

I checked the terrain and the possible roads she could have taken to get there. There were three parallel roads o

it for him while he went to use the bathroom.

His English was perfect but I could tell he wasn't a native English speaker, he might have been probably European but he didn't have a French accent either, so he was probably from somewhere else in Europe. The black dog finished eating and drinking and turned his gaze towards him, wagging his tail as he walked away and then sat next to me. He must really trust him to sit so calmly next to a total stranger, without worrying about getting left behind.

When he came back from the bathroom, the dog jumped once to greet him, only once, then relaxed next to him. The bus driver began calling the passengers back to the bus in Spanish and they started to get back onto the bus slowly. The boy got on the bus first, the black dog got on after him, and I followed the both of them.

The boy turned around and said to me, "Let's sit together." I did as he said because I liked his dog very much. He sat first, taking the window seat, and his dog squeezed in between his legs.

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