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   Chapter 16 No.16

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Mia and the goat were found by some villagers at a forest north of Ubud. The article was written in letters that looked like tiny snakes, so even after I translated it I still couldn't grasp most of its meaning. What I did believe was that Mia was staying with a local family when the police found her. She liked them and wanted to stay there but for some reason, she would soon be taken to the local police station in Denpasar. A small photo of Mia, the goat, a monkey and her host family accompanied her in the article.


143 - Gwen

"Shut up!" I ordered the homeless man as he started babbling some drunk nonsense at me. That was why I hated crazy drunk homeless people, they always wanted to talk, a lot, all the time. It was as if they thought I didn't have anything better to do than to listen to their never-ending monologues.

"Shhh!" I hissed at him when he tried to go at it again. "Shut up and sit down."

He sat next to me and grumbled something I didn't understand. That was enough. I grabbed him by his shirt collar with my left hand and slapped him with my right one.

"I think I told you to shut up." I looked at him deep in the eyes. "Say something again and I'll pull your eyes out, " I threatened him. My voice was slow and collected, just to make sure I got myself clear.

I may have looked lovely but I could be pretty scary at times. It worked, and he was quiet now. When I saw the fear in his eyes, I let go of his shirt and sat next to him. I was most probably not going to pull his eyes out but I needed him to know I was talking busines

ey cooperated and all followed me to a secluded area next to some vending machines where I asked them if they would like to make a hundred bucks in an hour. There were six of them, plus the one I had brought from the park, and adding myself made eight.

They replied that they all wanted the money so I took out seven hundred dollars from the ones I'd withdrawn from the ATM and gave two hundred to each of them, they all pocketed the money and one of them asked me what it was they needed to do.

"You all need to do what I say for one hour and that's it, " I told them. "First you need to split into two groups of four people each." They looked at me, confused.

"Now!" I shouted. They split into groups without thinking much about it. "Now you need to take a taxi to the Opera House. Here's the money to pay for it, and you can keep the change." I gave fifty dollars to each group.

"I will meet you there and give you new instructions. Do you understand?" They nodded but stood still as if they were waiting for me to say something else.

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