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   Chapter 13 No.13

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138 - Ria

We got more beers and snacks from a convenience store, a few packaged sandwiches, and dried nuts. I also bought a copy of every newspaper available. We left the shop and walked until we found an average-looking hotel and checked in. I'd rather have my own bed, but I also know how much Gwen likes sleeping next to me, so we got a double bed. She should be able to have a good night's sleep after everything I had put her through.

Once in the room, I explained to her how we were going to find them. I figured if a goat and girl randomly appeared anywhere in the world there would be some news about them somewhere on the web.

Gwen went about drinking her beers while munching on a sandwich and checked the newspapers, while I used her laptop to find some clues about where the child might have gone to. I started by making a list of search terms I would use and translating them into different languages. Then I used different search engines from all over the world to find news from today and yesterday containing the words 'goat, girl, appeared, found' in all contexts and combinations.

An hour and two beers later I finished compiling a preliminary list and a superficial search that held no results.

"I found something, " said Gwen excited, then proceeded to read the article out loud for me:

'The New South Wales Police Force issued yesterday a missing person alert for eight years old 'Mia White' who was last seen by her sister playing in her garden with a goat yesterday afternoon.

'A sketch has also been released of a possible

and there was no sign of Gwen. Her clothes were gone as well.


139 - Gwen

When I woke up, Ria was still sleeping. I wasn't sure if she's aware of it, but sometimes she slept with the tip of her tongue sticking out, and today was one of those days. There is literally nothing in this world cuter than seeing her little tongue in the mornings before she wakes up. If I were a boy I'd be all over her day and night.

Her small Asian eyes showed no intention of waking up anytime soon. Her warm body, faced towards my side was still covered up by the duvet. I tip-toed to the bathroom so she wouldn't wake up and got dressed as silently as I could.

I grabbed my backpack, my notebook and pencils just in case I need them. Leaving a note for her on the bed, I opened the door and snuck out of the room as quietly as my ninja skills permitted.

The hotel room and hallway's floors were covered by a thick, dark red carpet so it wasn't until I felt the cold tiles on my feet inside the elevator that I noticed I wasn't wearing shoes.

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