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   Chapter 8 No.8

Gwen, are you ok By Bruno Maiorana Characters: 5356

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That's why, every time I see foreigners queuing to get a passport stamp, I couldn't help but think of all the time and effort I needed to spend to remove these godforsaken stamps.


130 – Ria

Once again, I found myself waiting for Gwen's flight to arrive. The amount of time I had spent in airports was astonishing. They almost felt like home.

The airport was quiet at this time of the day. Passengers came and went, embarked and disembarked, left and arrived and when they did, everything was quiet for a moment. It was as if a tornado passed by, only to return minutes later.

There were no direct flights from Pakistan to Australia. To get here, she would need to transfer either in South East Asia or in the Middle East, so I kept an eye mostly on flights coming from Bangkok and Singapore.

Gwen and I had gone through so much together. Maybe too much. There was this time when we almost commit suicide. It was about two years ago, when I was surfing the web and saw an offer for ninety percent off on hot air balloon tickets, on a discount website called Groupon.

Without thinking it twice, I bought us two. It would be a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The tickets were something I knew she would love, so I couldn't just hand them over to her. I needed to make her work for them. I planned a treasure hunt, hiding clues all over the city for her to find.

Not random spots though, but places in the city that she and I were particularly familiar with.

One of the clues was hidden inside her favorite book at our high school's library. The other was to be handed

he got me into.

There was this time we ended up squatting inside a shopping mall after they closed at night. There was this other time she thought it would be fun to release all the animals from the zoo into the city, which didn't end well. And then there was the dark week.

The dark week was a time period in April 2016 when Gwen and I stayed at home for a whole week listening to Japanese heavy metal bands.

It all started on a Saturday night. Gwen brought some drinks to my place with the excuse that she had something important to show me.

It was nothing important of course, she just didn't want to drink alone that day so she brought along Babymetal's new album, 'Metal Resistance', and said it had just come out and that we should listen to it together.

Babymetal is one of those weird Japanese bands you'd either love or hate. It turned out that I loved it. One song led to the other and we ended up listening to all of their albums. After that Gwen introduced me to some other bands while she got drunk and pretended to be a metal connoisseur.

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