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   Chapter 49 Back To The Past!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4327

Updated: 2018-11-11 19:44

Back to mansion;

"Beware if she isn't found what awaits you I'm sure you know how Mufasa handles anyone who I sends to him."

Nora shivered before replying; "I understand."

"Good!!" after saying that Hassen got up from his chair and left Nora slumping on the ground breathing a sigh relief.

Walking towards his bedroom Hassem hands were clenched fists and he thought: 'Woman don't ever think I would let you escape me again!...Never! I won't allow it! Only by my side will you truly be happy like before.' Thinking of the last

Sentence Hassem fist softened somewhat as he remembered when he had first met Leah;


In a dark road a young girl is currently being chased by 3 thugs

"Thief! Catch that little thief! Don't let em escape!" The thugs shouted while trying to catch the young girl.

And of course the young girl is Willamina before she lost her memories and became Leah.

Willamina ran into a dark ally that had another crossway ally so she decided to take one and hid herself with the help of the darkness she hid from the thugs that was approaching. The thugs ran the opposite direction while still shouting; "Catch that damn thief or the boss will have our heads."

Watching the thugs get farther and farther Willamina came out of the ally

haha!" Hassem bursted into laughter.

Willamina blushed embarrassingly and as soon as she was about to retort she heard;

"There she is catch her! Catch the little thief!" The 3 thugs ran towards Willamina.

"Shit!......Come on let's go!" Willamina pulled Hassem's hand and pulled him along with her and the both of them ran together to lose the thugs that were following them

'So warm' Hassem felt like something was bubbling inside of him as he held her hand.

"Hey.....I know late to ask this but...... what your name? Willamina asked while still running.

Hassem looked at Willamina who eyes were in front on the road before saying; "........Hassem!......My name is Hassem...... what about you?" saying that while a little out of breath.

Willamina giggled; "Willamina..... but you can call me Mina for short!......Run faster ah!"

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