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   Chapter 48 Run Away Only to Hide Until!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4778

Updated: 2018-11-11 19:42

Leah fell into the darkness of the forest!

Luckily the slope was not too strap and Leah's fall, tumble and roll came to end and she lost consciousness.


"Urggg!" The rising sun was shining brightly, peaking through the trees o to Leah's face.

'Where am I' Leah thought while slowly trying to move. Slowly raising her body up Leah sat up and looked around trying to remember where she is.

'I must still be in the forest'. [Hisss!] just then Leah felt a sharp pain from her ankle. Looking down she saw her right foot wedged between a rock and a tree branch. Slowly trying to move it Leah only felt more pain.

'It seems the bone shifted a bit.'

The more Leah tried to loose her foot the more it hurt but she knows that she must leave the forest no matter what, so after a long contemplation Leah made a painful decision...... [Crack!] "Aaaggghhh!" Leah let out a painful cry as she used her lodge foot to shift the bone back in place.

The pain was so painful it almost cause Leah to fall unconscious but she bared with it and tried with all her might to push the heavy branch away from her foot and with a little extra effort and putting the pain at back of her mind Leah manage to shift the branch an inch to the left which was more than enough to get her wedged foot out.

Leah tried to stand a few times but failed due to what seemed to be never-ending pain in her ankle but she kept trying

nder not only your nose bit also the watch from all the guards!" Hassem said slowly in an almost lazy manner but every word that was said was like a stab piercing Nora's little heart.

Nora took a deep breath and repeating everything that she had told Hassem on the phone.

"After Miss Claireen D'Von came by and said some inappropriate things to Miss Leah regarding your relationship with her."

"And then?!"

"And then.......Miss Leah didn't take it personally. since I started to take care of her she seemed to be the type of person who word brush off a topic and not dwell on it." Nora really wished she could find a whole to dig her head in: 'Miss Leah how cod you put it such a terrifying position....wuu wuu." Nora really wanted to cry but lacked the tears.

"Achooo!" 'Who is talking my name now!' Leah thought as she slowly moved a little farther away from the road to the forest where she could rest until the 1 hour period pasted.

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