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   Chapter 45 Oh! An Unexpected Guest! part 3

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Updated: 2018-10-29 19:09

Under the pagoda Leah sat with Kristena while Nora stood to the side reading a report that was sent from Hassem assistant Neil.

"So Leah tell me in this entire garden which flower is your favorite?"

"......umm I would say...." Leah paused and looked around the garden before continuing; "The forget-me-nots and Peony flowers."

Kristena looked at Leah with wide eyes while thinking 'she picked the same as before! It seems even though her memory is gone her likes and dislikes remained the same.'

"What made you chose the forget-me-nots?" Kristena asked curiously.

Leah thought for a while before saying; "I'm not sure.....I guess I just like the name."

"Oh!...." Kristena answer was short but she already confirmed the last remaining doubts in her heart.


Kristena stayed in the mansion for another three days before her brother called wanting to chase her away from Leah.

"Do I really have to go?" Kristen's asked pleadingly.

The person on the other end of the phone voice resounded into Kristena's ear devoid of emotion;

"No! Leave by tomorrow I don't need you meddling in my business."

Kristena heard Hassem response and nearly exploded with anger.

"What do mean by your business? She was also my friend to you know!"

"SCRAM!! And no later that tomorrow!"

idn't to stay on the forbidden topic for to long knowing that they will be repercussions if revealed to early.

"Alright let's go I could do with some snacks."

"Alight let's go." Nora was glad that Leah's mind never lingers on one topic for to long.

Along the way to kitchen Nora had to separate from Leah to answer a call from Hassem.

Picking up the phone Nora settled herself before speaking.

"Yes Master Hassem."

"Speak what happen while my sister was there!" Hassem voice was still as cold but now with a commanding and solemn tone.

"Miss Kristena and Leah got along quite well and she spoke nothing that would make Leah suspicious of anything."

Nora spoke truthfully, there flat silent for a few seconds before Hassem replied; "Good! And keep it that way you mustn't make her suspicious for any reason understood!"

"Yes Sir!......Very clearly!"

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