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   Chapter 41 Hiding My Memories! part 1

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 5004

Updated: 2018-08-25 07:19

After Leon checked Leah to make sure she was OK Leon was called in to the hospital so he had a maid pack the breakfast for him and then he returned to the hospital leaving only Hassem and Leah in the bedroom. Nora had left to give the couple some space so when she returned she saw Leah fast alseep and Hassem in the sofa on his laptop apparently working on some left over work as well as incoming work related documents.

"Master shall I bring up lunch?" Nora asked as she walked closer to Hassem and kept her voice down, afraid of waking Leah up.

"Mhm.....tell the chef to make lunch something light, healthy but not bland."

Nora complied and left the room as quietly as she has came in.

Hassem took a look at Leah who was fast asleep thanks to the medicine that Leon had given her which one of the side effects would cause her to feel drowsiness. Seeing her sleeping peacefully Hassem found it hard to go and wake her up.

Nora came back up with lunch and seeing this Hassem no longer deliberated on whether he should wake up Leah or not.

Lightly shaking her, Hassem's attempt failed to wake her up so he tried to shake her a little harder.

Leah on the other hand was currently deep in sleep thanks to her seeing bits and pieces of her memory. Just as she was about to see the image of a man that she seemed to be running to she felt a shaking and the image was gone before being replaced with a handsome face looking down on her and calling her name.

"Leah! Leah! Wake up!"

untry by the way?" Leah bacame curious of where Hassem was from.

Hassem smiled at Leah mysteriously before saying; "I will give you a hint, the place for royals."

"The place for royals?" Leah thought a bit about the hint Hassem given her. ".......Ah! your from Imperial Country?"

A light passed Hassem's eyes quickly before answering Leah. "Yes and maybe one day I personally take you to tour Imperial country."


Hassem looked at Leah strangely after hearing her answer.

'Everyone knows that Imperial country is nicknamed the place for royals because not only is the country the biggest country in the world, a lot of aristocratic families lives there and unless the lower class have decent jobs it would be impossible of them to survive. But every country has its flip side because Imperial country is also where the top most gangs resides or at least have a base there, but thanks to the Government and the powerful families they are kept in check so they wont run loose.'

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