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   Chapter 40 Leah Fainted from Her Memories! part3

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 5212

Updated: 2018-08-16 22:18

The next day Leah was awaken by the sun rays that was shining on her, slowly opening her eyes Leah looked around the bedroom before turning her head to the floor to ceiling window that had sun rays peaking out from the curtains.

"Your awake, "

Leah looked at the direction g that the voice resounded from only to see Hassem standing at the entrance of the door in a long pants and a black button up shirt looking straight at her.

Hassem walked up to Leah's bedside and sat on the bed while observing her.

"How do you feel?" Hassem asked as he swept away some hair from Leah's face.

"I feel OK, aside from feeling a little groggy I feel fine."

"Oh....that's good." Hassem pause and decided to bite the bullet and directly ask; "Do you remember what happened yesterday?"

Hearing his question Leah thought for a bit before saying; "I remember us hugging and you kissed me on my forehead but after that....blank!"

"I see!........Can you sit up?"

Leah tried to move her body but found that her body was still partially asleep.

Seeing her struggle Hassen felt little uncomfortable about seeing Leah look so weak and helpless so he decided to help her up and fixed 2 pillows behind her so she would be comfortable.

"Are you hungry?" Hassem asked as he decided to take care of Leah so she can see his true self in case of the memory returning at least he wouldn't be the bad person in her memories. 'This may work right' Hassem thought has he tried to come up with a plan in case her memory returning.

"Yeah a little bit."

"I'll ask

st felt like he truly needed to see if he related to the demon; 'He won't even offer me breakfast but immediately wanted me to work Humph!!!'

Seeing Leon's face turn sour Leah quietly said to Hassem; "Isn't that being little rude?......We should offer him breakfast to! be hospitable, after all he's your cousin."

Hearing Leah words Hassem thought for a bit and thought what Leah said was reasonable after all he did treat Leon a bit unfairly the past few days so he called one of the maids that was outside waiting; "Go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for Leon." the maid complied and left.

Leon looked at Hassem in shock 'He actually cares' He then loomed at Leah who was also looking at him and Leah smiled and winked before continuing to eat.

That wink didn't go unnoticed by Hassem who face then went sour as he glared at Leon angrily as jealousy invaded Hassem's heart.

Leon looked at Hassem and wickedly smile before continuing to set up the tablet computer and the scanner that he would use for Leah's check-up

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