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   Chapter 37 Permission Needed !

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 5049

Updated: 2018-08-13 18:23

Leah sneak through that living room that was apart of another room that looked like a bar and lounge. While walking quietly through the lounge Leah noticed a yet another door, being curious Leah walk towards the door and seeing more stairs cautiously walked down them. When she reached the bottomed Leah was surprised to see floor to ceiling glass window and a glass door in between them. Outside there was a garden full with roses hedges and a beautiful concrete path embedded with stones and seemed to blessing even with the rain still fell but it only made the stones and the view more mystical.

Leah subconsciously walked toward the beautiful sight and as she was passing a sofa something caught her eyes and she turned only to see and extremely handsome man laying on the sofa seemingly sleeping, looking and the man's perfect features which seemed to even outdo Leon's but upon looking closer you can see a resemblance, with the man soundly asleep Leah walked behind the sofa to take a closer look his facial features was sharp, slender cheeks thick eyebrows but not too thick just the right amount his face as a whole was without any deficiency or blemish not to mention he has a well shaped jaw line and as Leah eyes wandered from his handsomely seductive face to his neck which seemed so clear it would temp any lady to bite it. The man was currently wearing a long sleeved button shirt with the first four buttons undone making his whole body seductive, from the space in between the shirt Leah could s

s Leah are you down here! Miss Leah please answer!" Leah hearing Nora voice panicked a little before saying; "Uh ho hide me" saying that Leah ran behind Hassem before hearing Nora continuing; "If the master found out I lost you I will be in big trouble or....." by the time Nora walked down the stairs she saw Hassem with an ice cold but dangerous face.

"M..M..Master!" Nora was really scared out of her wits 'I'm doomed' As Nora was beginning to see the end of her life she heard a giggled from behind Hassem back. At first she thought she was hearing things but then she say Leah's head sticking out from behind Hassem.

"Miss Leah!" Nora sighed a breath of relief while inwardly thanking the lord 'My life has been saved.'

"You would let me go out so I decided to go out on my own." Leah said half jokingly

"Miss Leah I already said I have to ask permission first." Nora tried to explain.

Leah smiled evilly before looking at Hassem; "Say you I need permission to walk around the mansion?"

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