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   Chapter 36 I Want to Leave the Room

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4719

Updated: 2018-08-13 16:59

For the next 3 days Leah boredom level was rising high especially since she never left the bedroom and the only persons that she mainly saw and converse with was Nora, Leon also came back once to check on her but since then only Nora and a few books kept her company.

"The rain probably won't hold up anytime soon Leah you should get some rest, I heard when the rain is falling you get to sleep easier."

"Nora I'm really not tired nor in the mood to sleep I'm just bored out of my mind is there nothing a person can do in this mansion for fun?"

Nora thought a bit before answering Leah; "I guess you haven't seen the mansion yet have you?.....I know how about I gave you a tour of it?"

"Sounds good let's go now!" saying that Leah immediately got of the sofa by the French style window and bolted to the door.

"WAIT!" Nora quickly chased after Leah and ran right in front of her and stretch her arms out blocking the path of the bedroom door; "Leah I know your excited but I may have to ask for permission first!"

Hearing that Leah tilted her head to a side and asked; "Permission? From who?"

"The master of the house." Nora said as in-matter-in-fact; "Although he isn't here right now." Nora spoke under her breath but Leah still heard it.

"If he isn't here then lets just forget about permission and go." after saying that Leah tried to reach for the door nob behind Nora.


ah stomped her feet; "Well isn't that just great so am I suppose to wait until he comes before I can leave to walk around."

Nora just shrugged her shoulders to Leah.

"Well......" just in that moment Leah had an idea; "OK Nora I won't put you in a tough position...." Saying that Leah turned around and walked back to the bed; "After all the talking and standing I feel a little dizzy um Nora can you please get me an ice pack and something sweet to eat it is already afternoon and the rain is still falling and since I can go out I might as well read a few more books and surf the internet and watch some more movies."

After hearing what Leah said Nora let out a sigh of relief before agreeing to Leah request to get what she wanted. When Nora had left Leah jumped up from the bed and dashed to the door. Peeking outside and seeing no one insight Leah headed down the long corridor to the stairs that seemed to go to a living room.

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