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   Chapter 35 Not Of My Own Accord!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 5091

Updated: 2018-08-12 18:10

When they had arrived at the door Hassem allowed Leon to go in first while he and Nora waited outside.

Leah was about to get up off the bed when she heard a light shout.

"Don't get up to quickly or you'll feel very lightheaded."

Leah was startled before she looked across to see a very handsome man come in and slowly walking towards her.

Leah was starstruck at the man's handsomeness not only was he extremely handsome he was tall and carried an aristocratic elegance with his every gesture.

Leon helped Leah to lie back down before continuing; "You only recently woke up so don't move around so much."

Leah was still starstruck on Leon's face until the words he said snapped her back.

"That's not true I was up for a while and I thought to walk a little since I was on the bed for such a long time."

"Oh.......well my apologies I assumed you recently woke up."

"........Are you by chance the master of Nora and the person who saved me?

"Hmmm.......I guess you can say that, I am a master of the house and indeed I did save you but..." Leon paused and looked at Leah with a strange gaze before continuing; "It wasn't my own accord."

"......Oh! Well I still should thank you umm"

"Leon! My name is Leon."

"Oh OK well thank you umm Leon....and my name is Leah or so I've been told."

"Well let's hope you get better quickly and then get your memory back, by the way I am also a doctor so you technically are my patient and I came now to check on you may I." as Leon said that he gestured

hat delicate that I can't get up on my own." Leah rebuked Nora, Leah knew Nora meant well but somehow calling her so respectfully just didn't sit well with her.

Nora helped Leah back onto the bed before giving her the dinner that was prepared for her.

"Leah you should eat this, it is very light on your stomach and it tastes very good try it!"

Leah looked at the soup Nora was holding and it indeed looked very delicious so Leah took the spoon Nora handed to her and took a sip and her eyes flew open.

"Leah are you alright? Is something wrong? Is the soup to hot? Is it not to your liking?" Nora loaded Leah with questions after seeing the reaction she made when she tasted the soup.

Leah felt a little awkward and quickly shook her hands in front of Nora; "Nothing is wrong its just the soup tastes extremely good I absolutely love it."

After hearing her response Nora felt her heart calm down lord knows what would happen to her if CEO Harry found out Miss Leah didn't like what she gave her.

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