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   Chapter 34 Becoming Friends Nora & Leah

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4003

Updated: 2018-08-01 16:34

Nora kept Leah company and they talked and laughed for the rest of the day straight into night.

"Didn't you say I would see the owner of this home?"

Nora looked at Leah with a slightly conflicted gaze before saying; "Master is usually very busy, people call him a god in the business industry for his high IQ and his prowess for business but that is only his day job what people don't know is that at night he is the Leader of the powerful Dragon Clan that is known to me 1 of the top gangs there is, in all the gangs in the underworld there are only 3 that are st the top and master's Dragon clan is one of them.

Leah was shocked at the news she received from Nora of she didn't know any better she would believe it if somebody said that Nora made it her business to be in the know on all info.

" what does he look like? Is he handsome?"

"You bet!" [beep beep] As soon as Nora was about to continue talking her buzzer beeped indicating someone is looking for her. She glance at it before saying to Leah; "I got to go now but I will be back soon OK"

"OK it sounds like it's important so go ahead."

After hearing that Nora got up and left but she didn't want to tell Leah

Leon; "Well aren't you coming I want you to see her now!"

"Humph! A meal first and then we can talk about treating your little precious girl!" Leon rebuked 'I really must see if I am truly related to this can one man be so heartless as to choose to make his own family member starve to death!' Leon thought.

Seeing that Leon still didn't move Hassem furrowed his brows before saying; "If you don't get off your ass now I will do worst than just starve you!" and with those words Leon immediately got up and started to walk with a quick pace because he knew how vicious his cousin can get and after all the privately owned hospital that he runs Hassem is the biggest share holder so he really couldn't afford to offend his big god-like cousin unless he no longer wants his life.

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