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   Chapter 33 Waking Up! And Who Am I

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 5103

Updated: 2018-07-30 22:28

Two days since Hassem and Neil brought back Leah to his private mansion which is far from the capital of Benvice and surrounded 100 acres land.

While Hassem was in his office catching up on his company's paper work only one word was in his mind while doing it 'headache'.

"Hasn't she woken up yet.?" Hassem asked while signing some documents.

"No boss, but doctor Harry said that she should be waking up any day now, what ever drug was used it took a toll on miss Leah's body since it was really potent and her body wasn't used to such a strong drug."

"Humph!!!! Doctor Harry is quite useless."

Neil could only lightly chuckled at what his boss had said because in the entire world only he can insult is own family out in the open and wouldn't care in the slightest who heard him.

Neil went silent for a moment before deciding to ask; "Boss if I may be so bold as to ask when miss Leah awakes have you thought about how you would address the situation if she really woken up with memory loss?" Neil really won't know what to do if he was in a situation like that.

"Hmmm your right." after saying that Hassem contemplated for a moment before saying to Neil; "We'll just say that she is my fiance but she got into a car accident resulting in her memory lost, and as for family just say she was an orphan raised in the suburbs."

Neil's mouth was wide open as he looked at his boss with astonishment 'How can he tell such a lie with a straight face........Boss oh Boss you could even be in par with the best con

u'll probably meet him later but for now would you care to eat something you probably haven't eaten in a while."

At that same moment Leah's stomach grumbled in protest, and she could only rub it as she was indeed hungry.

Nora saw Leah's gesture and thought she looked quite cute. She lifted the tray cover and under it were some rainbow sandwiches and orange juice.

"Master said you gave you something nourishments for your body so dig in and make sure you eat all of it." Nora smilingly said to Leah.

Leah obediently ate and drank everything Nora had given her and she felt satisfied.

"It seems you were really hungry Miss"

"You said my name was Leah so please call me by my name OK"

"What....I'm afraid that will be a little inappropriate."

" about in private like now, I will call you Nora and you can call me Leah OK!"

Nora looked helplessly and Leah; "Very well Miss....Leah but only in private OK..... master is very strict will the rules and no one dares to disobey them.

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