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   Chapter 31 Don't Mess With Mufasa!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4332

Updated: 2018-07-29 20:18

Mr Frank side eyed the bed again only to still see an empty bed then he looked at Mufasa and the gun that might just well give him a hole in the head. Mr Frank felt like he wanted to pee himself at that moment. He could make anyone angry, anyone except Mufasa. If he ever finds out who took the girl he swore he would skin him alive.

"Mufasa Sir haha let's just calm down shall we." Mr Frank tried to test Mufasa's waters to see if he was only bluffing.

'click' Mufasa release the safety from the gun' "If you think that I won't pull this trigger try again."

"Ahh wait wait perhaps she didn't leave the building yet let Mr contacts the men that were guarding the door now." As Mr Frank said that she fished out his phone and dialed a number as the speed of light.

"Boss what's up?"

"Where is the girl that was kept in the room!" Mr Frank interrupted the man on the other end of the phone.

"I don't care where or what the hell you are doing I want the girl in this room now or we're all dead u hear me!!"

"Who's on the phone? said another man that was next to the man Mr Frank called.

"Its Mr Frank he said to bring back the girl now or we're all going to be dead!"

"Oh! Hand me the phone.......Boss its me, we took the girl and we are now on our way to deliver her to Scar

room where Mr Frank was being kept and pulled a gun to Mr Frank's face before saying; "10 minutes! If they don't come in 10 minutes I swear I will torture you to the fullest before blowing your f**king head off you hear me!" Mufasa at this moment was like a man about to go insane, who would have thought a man like him with very little patience's was tested to his limit tonight. Just had he was decided to shoot Mr Frank and find Leah on his own he heard through a walkie Talkie that one of his men was holding saying that a car pulled up at the side entrance and one of them seems to be carrying a girl through the doors; " Oh Mr Frank you lucky bastard it seems you get to live another day." Mufasa said as he tapped Mr Frank shoulder.

Mr Frank on the other hand only shivered at the touch while having a bad premonition that his night was far from over.

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