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   Chapter 30 To Save the Damsel in Distress part 3

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4530

Updated: 2018-07-27 22:31

Neil decided to ignore My Grocy as he flaunted towards the stage to see the prize he'd won.

" Mr it seems that you won a very fine beauty so I thank you for your generous bid." The Mc said smugly as Mr Grocy came upon the stage.

"Hahaha no no I should thank you for managing to get such a good beauty." My Grocy said while waving his hand to the Mc.

As Mr Grocy left the stage with his prize the Mc continued; "And now for our best beauty of the night....." The MC gestured for the last man to uncover the last and final cage.

"Boss now is the time to get miss Leah Perris."

Hassem only replied with a nod to Neil.

Seeing his boss nod Neil then turned his attention back to the stage.

"Gaspp!!!!!!!!" Once again the crowd was shocked to see the fair skin brunette dressed in a all white see through lingerie decorated with pearls at the ends.

Neil at first shocked and thought it was Leah but to his surprise it wasn't her.

"What the hell is going on where is Leah."

"I also thought that she would be the last one but it seems something or someone else might have gotten to her first."

Hearing Neils response Hassem clenched his fists together till the point that you can hear the bones cracking.

"Contact Mufasa secretly after this shit is done and find out where they his Leah use any means necessary to find her understo

s still here in this building, we were going to meet Scar Face later tonight to finalize the deal."

"Take me to where she is now if you want to live for another day" Mufasa said while grabbing Mr Frank by his arm and dragged him to find the room Leah was in.

When they arrived at the door Mufasa urged Mr Frank to open the door.

'Neil sent me a photo of what the girl looked like so for this fool he better pray that the girl boss is looking for is inside, if not I will just blow of his head here and now!' Mufasa thought.

As Mr Frank opened the door Mufasa allowed him to go in first and turn on the lights. Mr Frank gasped in shock as Mufasa came in and what he saw shocked Mufasa a little before he immediately grabbed Mr Frank neck and took out his gun and pointed it to his head before saying; "Why is the room empty?......are you playing me for a fool, it seem your tired of living."

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