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   Chapter 29 To Save the Damsel in Distress part 2

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 5088

Updated: 2018-07-26 21:10

Hassem and Neil arrived at an open area where a helicopter was already waiting for them.

"Boss Mufasa just called and everything is ready, he also manage to delay the event for another hour and since we're using our company's helicopter we should get there in about 1hour and 30minutes tops."

"Good let's hurry then."

As the two boarded and sat down the pilots greeted Hassem before they lift off to the destination.

"By the way Neil tell Mufasa that the men that kidnapped Leah along with anyone who has relations to the event of the kidnapping I want them captured and tortured to the extreme before having them shot to the head! Understood!"

Neil shuddered because he knew that Mufasa ways of torturing people was extremely cruel and gruesome to those who are soft hearted like himself.

"Yes boss I will inform him now."


?At the auction event?

Two men sitting in an European style office room

"Mr Mufasa it always a pleasure doing business with you as usual, but if I may be so bold as to ask who is the mysterious person that had you come here to delay this event?"

"hahahaha Mr Frank curiosity kills the cat, you don't need to worry who the person is just know that as long as you don't offend this person money will naturally come to you".....'besides your almost about to die what's the fun in telling you the name of the person who ordered your to visit Hades God if the Underworld' Mufasa thought.

"Hahaha I understand I understand don't worry the mysterious b


"The the next beauty is........." the MC paused and allowed the man to uncover the second cage; " Yold and behold everyone our second beauty!" Everyone looked at the second stage a Asian looking young lady whose beauty was even more impressive than the first. The MC continued again only after seeing the audience reaction before saying " This beauty will start at 1million folks.

After saying that the crowd once again erupted into a frenzy and start a bidding like there was no tomorrow from 1 million all the way up to 8 million before finally settling at 9.5 million. Neil looked around at the person who won the bid only to see that the person who bought the young lady and middle age big belly perverted bastard man. He way someone who Neil had already met a few times before that his most recent meeting was on the on board the Casa Vin Fillio. (Yup you guest it! It was Mr Grocy!) Neil frowned at the man, luckily his boss told him off that day and didn't even dare to partner with his company.

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