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   Chapter 27 Story Time Who was Traded!!!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 3977

Updated: 2018-07-22 22:07

Leah started to regain her consciousness and as she was able to slowly open her eyes she found herself lying on a soft bed and when she tried to move she realize she was also tied down and her mouth was taped shut which allow Leah to become fully awake before panic and fear slowly crept her heart.

Leah tried to identify where was but it was useless because wherever she tried to look it was just complete darkness even when her eyes adjusted to the dark she was only able to make out the things that was close to her like the bedside cabinet with a lamp on top but she couldn't see pass it, so after her brief analysis she came to the conclusion that she is most likely in a bedroom of some sort.

Leah didn't even know how long had pass when she heard the creak of a door 'It seems someone is coming' Leah thought. While she was looking around trying to find the sound of where the person will show up all of a sudden the lights came on and illuminated the entire room and Leah was able to see the entire room and her guess was correct she was in someone's bedroom. As Leah looked around she looked and her eyes stopped on her own body and her eyes widen so much it looked like it woul

looked not only pale but also terrified and shock.

'Father told them where I was?.... impossible I don't believe it I promised to help get Adele back and he just decided to trade me off like some kind of product' Leah thought as she felt rage all the way to her soul she really felt like destroying the whole world right now.

The man continued " so right now your dear foster Dad and sister are probably very very very happy right now but don't worry here we will treat you well u til your debut hahahahaha!!!" the man got up from the bed and walked towards the door laughing while Leah is on the bed shivering in fright.....'debut? what debut is he talking about?' Leah thought as she heard a BLAM!!! and then the lights turned off and Leah was left alone in the dark room once again.

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