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   Chapter 26 Drugged and Kidnapped

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4631

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Right before Adele was pushed into the before it drove off her and Leah's eyes met and a dagerous glint passed Adele's eyes and at that moment Adele wished so bad to just rush up to Leah rip her apart and skin her alive till there is nothing left. Leah eyes also a glint that passed but it was that of disgust and loathing.

As the crowd left Leah stood in the same spot and watch as her so called father on his knees weeping forAdele; 'if it was me would he cry and beg for me as he does now for Adele or just stand on the side lines and watch me be carried away like a dog on a leash' Leah thought.

Mr. Perris got up from kneeling on the ground he saw Leah looking his direction absentmindedly; 'How long was she standing their?.....and more importantly did she hear everything that was said earlier?' Mr Perris got up ran and shouted; "Leah! Leah! Thank god you finally came!" as he said that he arrived right in front on Leah; "They took her, they took Adele! we have to help her."

Leah replied in differently " I know Dad I saw and 'heard' everything." Leah emphasized the heard.

Mr Perris froze as her heard what Leah said and he couldn't help bit look into Leah's eyes which seemed to be devoid of any emotion and for some reason see her dark brown eyes looking at him with a cold stare he all of a sudden had a bad premonition in his heart.

Father Perris decided to

back. Mr Perris was already a nervous wreak so after a long debating he gritted his teeth swallow his pride and told the the hotel Leah was in. He had actually heard from a neighbor that works at the hotel Leah is staying in that he saw Leah in the reception area before watching her walk toward to rooms.

That night Leah had just returned to her room from eating dinner from the pool side restaurant when she felt something was off and the room had a light but peculiar scent that wasn't there before but Leah thought nothing of of and assumed housekeeping put something scented inside the room after she had left. Leah walked to the bed but realized she was feeling really dizzy before falling to the floor and going unconscious, all Leah saw before her eyes fully shut was the room door opening and someone came through walking lightly towards her before finally standing right over her as she fully shut her eyes.

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