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   Chapter 22 I Will Not Let You Regain What Was Yours!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 3508

Updated: 2018-07-01 20:06

'In a dark quite private room'

"Boss I walked her back and I also warned her not to talk or ask questions that may put her life at risk.

Hassem: " hm mm!"

[knock knock knock]: "Boss it's Neil!"

Hassem: "Come in!"

Neil franticly walked to his boss's side and and quietly said to his ear; "We just received news that Krisner is en route to Imperial country."

"What!" Hassem jumped up from the seat and even Steve was shocked at his speed; 'Boss is always calm and collected I wonder who could have disrupted his ever 'i-am-king-of-the-world' vibe' Steve thought.

Hassem: "Get hold of Erin and Luke right now!"

Neil: "Already did, boss they are currently on hold as we speak." Neil handed Hassem the phone but before Hassem spoke he looked at Steve who was watching him with apparent interest.

Hassem: "I will contact you at another time!" with large strides Hassem left the room and Neil in tow.

When they left they took a private path and lift to get to the car park. As soon as they got into the car Hassem turned on the

oroughly thinking about it she decided against it, for the sake of what Johnathan might do and besides Steve said that the favor was paid so she didn't bother so say it.

Leah; "Don't worry he only wanted to meet the speed queen nothing else!"

Leah also didn't want to bother Johnathan with her little problem as she wanted to solve them by herself.

"What are you guys doing let's party!" Chris said as he walked over to both Leah and Johnathan.

Seeing Chris walk over to them Johnathan frowned as he saw Chris walking with a wobble, clearly he drank to much and it probably was Nick's fault since their were playing truth or dare and Chris had to punish himself with a lot of rum shots.

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