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   Chapter 18 The Race Begins! part 3

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4556

Updated: 2018-06-19 21:23

At the Sniper Gang side they were preparing to send their best weapon of driver and their prized possession the 2018 GUMPERT APOLLO which they got from the black market at a sweet shady deal they made, so in order to pay back their leader's money they have to win this race and get that money or their head's will be decapitated and buried without the rest of their bodies.

The Blond Hair man from earlier was known as Red Borne: "I don't car what you have to do even if you have to kill that bitch we have to get that money no matter what." he spoke to the one who will be driving who was known as Mikey.

Mikey: "Don't worry man I know alright even if I have to cheat my way I will win that f**king race, even though killing that bitch would be to easy, "

Red Borne: "Good even if you kill her our Sniper Gang will protect you."

Mikey got into the car and before driving off he remembered something and looked at Red Borne and asked

"wait didn't you f**ked up the girl's ride so we should have this win in the bag right?"

Red Borne looked like he just remembered something and said: "Your right I almost forgot about that even if she got a different ride or manage to somehow fix the car in the short about of time it won't be the 100% it was at before, so go all out." Red Borne looked at Mikey with a devil smirk before turning away to walk back

m kept his eyes peeled on Leah car: 'Yes Leah show me what you can do, even though you may have lost your memory your natural instincts which was bore into you from young no matter what they will still surface. So show me what he taught you! Show everything to me Leah Perris or should I say Willamina Von Brian, Krisner soon you will lose her to me for good.


On an abandon island: " Master the boat is ready we'll set of to Imperial Country soon but....... should we make a stop in Benvice for a few days?

A ghost like yet enchanting voice echo through the night: "No need first thing to do is regain our power then anything their still no news if Mina?

"No master not as yet." the subordinate answered.

Krisner sighed: "keep looking I know she somewhere out there I can feel it."

' Soon Mina I will find you soon so wait for me.' Krisner thought.

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