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   Chapter 14 Sabotage!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4541

Updated: 2018-06-17 21:57

Leah started her car but realized it wasn't starting so she quickly ran to Nick and Chris to get them to look at the car.

Nick came first as Chris was busy dealing with Johnathan car to make sure the gears was working properly.

"Leah I found the problem....."

Before Nick could finish speaking Leah had already but it

"Yes! so hurry and fix it so we could get started"

"But Leah the problem is a very big problem and it will take time to fix it.......and time we don't have!

Leah who was starting to feel panicked heard Nick said what will take all hope

"Some of the wires of the starting mortar is cut and disassembled so it will time to fix it even if I had spare wires to fix it"

"So you mean to say that I won't be able to race" Leah felt gloomy inside and out, how can she race now after all her pride as a person was at stake."

" Hey Nick! Chris!..... guys guess what I found? hearing what was said by one of the guys working under Nick and Chris in the garage everyone turned their attention to him.

Nick came up to the guy first and then followed Leah, Chris and Johnathan.

"What's up Brad?" Nick said while looking at the tablet that's was handed to him.

"That's some footage I got from earlier some of those guys from the Sniper Market Gang came here earlier today and seemed to have went to the car Leah will be d

ols really seem to hate living, like I need to do some extermination in the underworld and black market."

"Boss?" Seeing his boss looking frightfully dangerous he felt a little weak in the knees because he knew his boss can kill lots of people and feel nothing of it.

"hmph I will deal with them later, for right now make a call to Steve have him bring my 2017 GTA SPANO that is just parked at the underground parking lot at Looden Marj Apartments and give it to Leah to drive and tell her she will owe her benefactor favour but don't let her know it is from me just tell her that the favour she owes will be collected at a certain time."

Neil face showed surprise and replied "

And if she refused?"

"She won't after all Steve has very good negotiating skills, so go I want to see this race happen at all cost!"

"Yes boss" Neil left quickly after that and made his phone call to Steve.

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