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   Chapter 11 Do you Remember How to Drive

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4278

Updated: 2018-06-08 19:49

Leah's guilt flew away with her excitement in getting to race again.


As soon as Leah got into the capital she went to drop of her luggage and Mrs Pris before leaving to go and pick up the car she will be driving at Jonathan's garage.

When Leah got there she saw some old and new faces, Johnathan is a grease monkey so cars was always apart if his life.

"Leah! ha I can't believe it is you I haven't seen you in a long time how are you?" the person who said that was Johnathan's long best friend Nick who helps manages the garage that they opened together along with their other friend Chris.

" Ayo Chris!" Nick shouted to the back of the garage.

" Yea what's up Nick?" Chris shouted back.

"You won't believe who just came in!" Nick said excitedly

"Who is that is making you so excited?" Chris asks as he took his whole body from out under the car he was fixing, then he suddenly looked up and was so shocked he hit his forehead on the bumper of the car.

"Leah is that you? Chris asked excitedly

"Omg I can't believe long has it been man." Chris said as he ran towards Leah to give her a big hug.

Leah saw that Chris was running with his hands open to give her a big hug....but! there was one little problem.....

don't remember she hasn't raced in over a year and the last race she did ending in a crash."

Johnathan peeped back at Leah and then looked at his two friends.

" I know alright but it was her desicion alright! that blond ass guy got her prey riled up so we are going to race and reel in some profits.

After hearing what Johnathan said both ask for the rundown of what happened, and when they heard the full story both Chris and Nick couldn't wait to heep in the profits and how to make more profits, the both of them started to accumulate plans inside their minds but Johnathan had to bought them back to reality as he said " We have to put Leah back in to shape mentally and physically so we can stand a chance.

Both Nick and Chris nodded their heads and Chris walked back to Leah and said " Hey speedy do you still remember how to drive?"

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