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   Chapter 10 Getting Ready to Beat up the Bad Guys!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 5102

Updated: 2018-06-08 18:29

As the man looked closely at Leah he saw a red heart shaped birthmark slanted on Leah lower neck and he remembered when he saw the speed queen raced over 2 years ago even though she was wearing shades he remembered seeing the birthmark.

"hahaha!........ my luck must be good to get to see challenge the speed queen, you won't let me down right little Missy?"

Leah looked at the man and felt so disgusted at the sight of men who would look down on women....she absolutely hated it.

"Since you asked I don't mind giving you a hard lesson in learning how to speak to a Lady!" Leah said she curved her mouth into a sneer.

The blonde hair man was happy thinking of all the prizes he would be winning.

"So!...... when do you want to race? Johnathan asked inpatiently.

The man looked at Johnathan and said with his face full of his grins.

"One week's time, the more the hype the better.

Johnathan and Leah understood his meaning which was the more people attended the race the more bets would be placed and the more money would be won from the bets, so he was hoping to win money using the Devil's Bane and Speed Queen names to get it.

"Alright then but remember nothing is set yet! we just may beat you and take everything you own! Johnathan said full of confidence.

The blond hair man didn't pay him any attention as he walked back to his gang and got in the ride taking one last look at the three people standing before leaving with a smug face.

Leah turn to Johnathan as it remember something

" Oh

him to have an heart attack so she didn't want to hurt him again.

But the truth was that she really loved racing so she couldn't tell him that she was going to race again.

"Mrs Pris is too greedy! Using the fact that you have a very beautiful face to draw in customers, hmph!"

Leah giggled and looked at her father and said in a serious tone.

"Dad Mrs Pris really treats me well and I am really good friends with her daughter so its fine, but I must say I really love Mrs Pris attitude, she really is a very nice person."

Father Perris could only sigh as he said " alright alright I won't pressure you to stay but if Mrs Pris dares to bully you let me know and I will come down and teach a lesson OK"

Leah shakes her head like her life depended on it and said " Yes Dad I promise"

Honk! honk!

Leah heard a car horn and remembered Johnathan said he would come to pick her up she she give her dad a hug and a kiss before leaving, as the car sped away Leah looked back and felt a little guilty.

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