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   Chapter 9 Bunch of Ugly Bastards!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 4488

Updated: 2018-06-06 22:44

As the three walked out of the café to the racing track across the road they were shocked to see Johnathan walked towards a black car with blue rims and blue bumpers on it

"this is my new ride a Ford Mustang GT"

Both Leah and Roulin eyes opened wide with shock as they gasp in a cold breath of air before saying in unison.

" That's yours!!!"

"Yup bought it recently as you can see not a scratch on it, its my new baby." Of course Johnathan was satisfied with their reaction after all it was his new pride and joy.

"I can't believe you own such an expensive car, how did you get it? Leah asked full of suspicion.

' If he dare say he stole it or won it in a bet I swear I will strangle him!' Leah thought.

Johnathan looked at Leah liked an idiot and said " Of course I bought it! A few weeks ago a little rich boy came here to challenge me to a lap across the track so how could I just let him challenge me with me getting any benefits huhhh!! So I challenge him to three laps instead if I win he has to give me half a million and if he won he would get my car and my invite to the international championship so ain't wasn't a bad deal so he took the bait and loss miserably not to mention he challenged an extra round for USD $5000 at stake."

Leah was profoundly shocked of what transpired without her being able to see it

anymore, the more she looked at them the more she wanted to vomit.


The man look at Leah and started laughing liked what he heard was some sore of joke.

"You!? Race against us ha! in your dreams little missy, why do you go over there and wait like a good girl".

One of the men who was with the blonde man who was sizing up Leah from the very beginning feeling that she was familiar finally remember and said " boss look at her don't you remember who she is?" the blonde hair man sized up Leah but still couldn't figure it out so the other man said " don't you remember the girl that was always with Devil Bane a while back after she raced Dan Hoist and he lost miserably she was nicked named the speed queen thanks to being the fastest female driver on the track in all of Benvice." after the man said that the blonde hair man took of his shades to look at Leah again.

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