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   Chapter 8 Reunited Again!

Loving is a SIN By Miss Nyx Characters: 3935

Updated: 2018-06-05 00:24

Leah arrived at the racing track where she promised to meet Johnathan.... but she couldn't find him, so she had no choice but to call his phone.

'Johnathan: Hello.'

'Leah: Hello my ass! where the hell are you.'

'Johnathan: yeah I had to leave to pick up my girl from work after I drop her home I will come and meet you.'

' Leah: Oh.... how is she by the way I haven't seen her in a while.'

'Johnathan: She good, just her red light came and she started feeling unwell so I'm bringing her back home to rest.'

'Leah: Fine! your excuse pass, I will wait for you at Happy House Café.'

'Johnathan: fine see you in a bit.'

Leah walked to happy house café that was just across the street from where the racing track is. This was one of her favorite places to be as well as the place where she met Johnathan and her good friend and also the daughter of the owner of the café Roulin.

"Mrs Pris how have you been?" Leah said as she saw Mrs Pris coming outside to clean the tables on the outside.

"Leah? Haha it is you little rascal how have you been?" Mrs Pris said while giving Leah a hug.

"Where is Roulin? Is she inside I haven't seen her in a few month

k pitiful at the two.

Both Roulin and Johnathan saw Leah's pitiful look and their hearts softened.

" OK fine you win I can't bare to see that pretty face looking all so pitiful so I will let you go this time." Roulin agreed by the shake of her head.

" So let's hear it how do want to relieve your boredom?" Johnathan asked.

" The only way we truly feel free of course." Leah replied

Johnathan knew what Leah was thinking so he said "car racing?"

"Yup car racing, you always know what I'm thinking."

"I was hoping you said that because I can't wait to show you my new ride I got, I promised you'll love what you see." Johnathan said while feeling really proud he got his dream car.

Leah looked at Johnathan proud look and couldn't help but feel really curious.

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